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    Come close to us!
        Shanghai Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. is a company speciallizes in supply of all kinds of precision instruments.based on our skilled experts,we also in charge of the repair of them.The main products belong to three categories,namely,optical metrological instruments,physical instruments and microscopes.
       By its tough production standards, high-quality management , the enterprise ensured its excellent quality and prestige. It won its consumers trust by acceptable prices,elegant packaging, on-time delivery , friendly service . Our wish is to provide you with the best service with best products . We also welcome world-wide consumers discussions and co-operations.
       More inFormation,plz mail us or by phone,Best service is awaiting u all time.

    Address details:
            Address: No.1195 Pingliang Rd,Shanghai China.
            Tel: 86-21-65730171       65729118
            Fax: 86-21-65732715

    All Rights Reserved.(Shanghai Precision Instrument Co., Ltd.)
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